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If you are new to Cromer Church, you're very welcome and we would like to get to know you, help you to feel 'at home' and understand how we can serve you. Providing some basic information about yourself and your interests will help us connect you with the right people and make it easier to release your skills and talents into appropriate areas of ministry.

We also want to help you explore opportunities to connect with Cromer Church and find appropriate opportunities to serve God.

You can help us by completing the form, below - which, when you submit it, will be sent to one of our Church leaders. In return, you will receive an invitation to an informal 'welcome meal' and someone will be in touch to follow up any specific things you've said you're interested in.

We take seriously our responsibility for looking after your personal information as required by current Data Protection legislation. Except where required or allowed by law, we will not pass it on to anyone else, and only use it to organise and keep in touch about events and activities, to produce reports and statistics for church leaders and to record your involvement with Cromer Church groups and activities. You have a right to see the information held about you in the database, and we will update it or remove it from the database promptly if you ask.

To continue, please complete the form, following any on-screen prompts, and submit it.


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